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August 14, 2008

Sarah Jarosz Stays Up All Night In NYC

Fans Wonder: Is She Still Pure?

During one of her increasingly regular all-night benders, Sarah Jarosz takes a momentary break to send a text message.

During one of her increasingly regular all-night benders, Sarah Jarosz takes a momentary break to send a text message.

NEW YORK — Sarah Jarosz, 17, the Austin, TX singer and multi-instrumentalist whose rise to fame was all but certain now finds herself embroiled in a dramatic New York City scandal.

Jarosz, whose virginal beauty and multifaceted talent often draw comparisons to a young Britney Spears, surfaced in NYC on July 16 on her way to perform at the Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival near Hudson, NY.

During her night in the city, the underage starlet illegally attended a show at the Bowery Ballroom where she was seen mingling with the members of Crooked Still, Chatham County Line, and the Infamous Stringdusters, all three of which were performing that night. She was also spotted briefly fawning over Tony-award winner John Gallagher, Jr., former star of the Broadway musical Spring Awakening.

After singing harmony with Crooked Still’s Aoife O’Donovan on the beautiful ballad “Captain, Captain” Jarosz proceeded to widen the already alarming rift between her musical purity and offstage behavior.

“Get my ass to the afterparty, b—ch,” she reportedly whispered to O’Donovan before leaving the stage.

The Sarah Jarosz trio, featuring Alex Hargreaves on fiddle and Sam Grisman, bass, performs “Come On Up to the House,” written by Tom Waits.

At the West Village afterparty, Ms. Jarosz soon disappeared to the roof, where she remained until at least dawn in the unchaperoned company of a known New York playboy and alleged hebephile at least ten to fifteen years her senior.

National hebephile disclosure laws prohibit the publication of the full identity of Ms. Jarosz’s companion, so we will refer to him simply as Dr. L.

When we reached Dr. L. for comment, he provided us with the following prepared statement:

“I will not be portrayed as the R. Kelly of the banjo. I readily admit to the mistakes I have made in the past, and I have repaid my debt to society. I deny that anything unsavory occurred between myself and Miss Jarosz on the night of July 16. I am determined to restore my good name and reputation within the world of folk music, and I will defend my right to privacy by legal means if necessary.”

Despite the denials, news of that night’s activities have caused concern among many fans, wary of seeing yet another talented teen fall from grace before achieving her artistic potential.

Ms. Jarosz will proceed with the recording of her debut album for Sugar Hill Records as planned.


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