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January 5, 2009

Mike Marshall To Host International Beauty Pageant

Rio de Janeiro will serve as home of first annual Miss Mandoverse

Marshall's pageant will attract some of the beautiful and talented young women from over 20 countries.

Contestants from over 20 countries will compete in swimsuit, evening gown, mandolin, and cooking events judged by the famous mandolinist. Photo by Ron Baker.

OAKLAND — According to a press release issued today in twelve different languages, mandolin icon and international playboy Mike Marshall will present and host the first annual Miss Mandoverse Contest this April in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The announcement, which has already created considerable publicity within the acoustic world, also carries wide-ranging implications for global beauty pageantry.

Marshall’s innovative contest, which will be televised worldwide and stream live on the internet, features standard swimsuit and evening gown events as well as special competitions based on mandolin ability and cooking.

The interview portion of the contest, a staple of most beauty pageants, will be replaced by an unprecedented second swimsuit competition.

International beauty experts predict that Miss Mandoverse will attract many of the most lovely and talented women in the entire world, and a spokesman for the contest estimates that participants will hail from at least twenty different countries including Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Haiti, Japan, Germany and the United States.

“Marshall has been promoting the mandolin everywhere for years, tirelessly performing, teaching, traveling, and cooking. He’s built an impressive worldwide grassroots network, but it’s gotten to the point where there are just too many beautiful mandolin virtuosos seeking Mike’s official approval,” said Jody April, a scholar from Alaska.

“There can be only one Miss Mandoverse,” said Marshall.

Miss Mandoverse, who will reign for exactly one year, will win a new handcrafted Gilchrist mandolin, a three-album recording contract, luxury cookware and a dream date with Marshall.

Already, the prospect of competing in the Brazil ’09 pageant has girls around the world dreaming big.

“I’ve heard mandolin players are like rock stars down there,” said one American aspirant.


3 Responses to “Mike Marshall To Host International Beauty Pageant”

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    […] international playboy“ Mike Marshall im vergangenen Jahr erstmals durch den Wettbewerb „Miss Mandoverse“ geführt hat. Laut Bluegrass Intelligencer sollen in Rio de Janeiro zu den üblichen […]

  2. diptanshu Roy on May 27th, 2009 9:48 am

    what an idea… mike is quite a guy to come up with this. wonder who gets the dream date with him?

  3. Grace on January 18th, 2009 1:37 am

    MIke is gonna love this……

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