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March 25, 2009

Seamus Egan’s Antics Destroy Kiefer Sutherland’s Reputation

TV star takes blame for lookalike’s NYC misbehavior

Confused eyewitnesses at the Rockwood Music Hall blamed Kiefer Sutherland for lookalike Seamus Egan's heckling of Michael Daves, a prominent NYC singer and guitarist.

Confused eyewitnesses at the dimly lit Rockwood Music Hall on New York's Lower East Side blamed Kiefer Sutherland for the drunken outbursts of Seamus Egan, pictured here.

MANHATTAN — For over a month now, gossip columns and blogs have been storming with allegations that Kiefer Sutherland, star of FOX’s hit TV show 24, has repeatedly engaged in egregious public misbehavior all over New York City.

Most recently, the New York Post reported on its famous and widely-cited Page Six that Sutherland had been spotted in the audience at the Lower East Side’s tiny Rockwood Music Hall, where he loudly heckled bluegrass singer and guitarist Michael Daves during Daves’s weekly solo performance.

According to the report, a clearly intoxicated individual matching Sutherland’s exact description suddenly began shouting profanities at Daves between songs.

“The first thing he yelled was, ‘You’re a motherf—cker!’ But in a very positive way,” recounted Daves.

Seamus Egan maintains his sterling reputation as a sensible and mild-mannered musical innovator.

Seamus Egan maintains his sterling reputation as a sensible and mild-mannered musical innovator.

Believing the man to be Kiefer Sutherland, Daves engaged him in a spirited back and forth shouting of “You are the man! No, you are the man!”

Which climaxed with both shouting, “We are the MEN!”

Egan, a founding member of the Irish band Solas, has often been mistaken for Sutherland in public, especially in poorly lit bar environments such as the Rockwood.  But this episode is their most damaging case of mistaken identity so far, as multiple eyewitnesses confidently misidentified Sutherland as the heckler.

The Post report, which has since snowballed into an avalanche of bad publicity for Sutherland, notably marks the first time a bluegrass guitarist has ever been mentioned by name on Page Six.

Sutherland, who has admitted in the past to having a drinking problem, is now widely reputed to have fallen off the wagon into a pattern of public wastedness and belligerence.

Egan, on the other hand, who regularly wakes up in strange beds covered in other men’s blood, maintains an excellent reputation as an upstanding and moderate musician.


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