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September 11, 2008

Mount Shasta Fiddle Camp Selected as New Site of CBS’s “Survivor”

One camper to be voted home every day

Jeremy Kittel and Billy Contreras perform the theme song to the new TV show, then engage in a life-and-death battle for survival at Mt. Shasta Fiddle Camp.

NEW YORK — In a move expected to transform the genre of reality TV and revolutionize the fiddle camp paradigm, CBS has announced a partnership with the Clarridges’ Mount Shasta Fiddle Camp, and the next season of the popular Survivor reality show will take place at the Northern California campsite.

“Survivor has been to Micronesia; Borneo; the Outback; even this one totally ridiculous part of the Chinese wilderness. But nothing has been nearly as rugged as Mount Shasta Camp,” said the show’s producer and creator.

“Bathing and eating are pretty much out of the question, and so is sleeping, for that matter,” said Tashina Clarridge, Shasta’s co-founder.

But what makes this season so unique is that winning will demand a combination of survivalist prowess as well as expert musicianship.

“The concept of voting campers off the campsite could really change all fiddle camps dramatically,” said Tristan Clarridge, Shasta co-founder and fiddle camp veteran. “The first four seasons of Shasta Camp were great, but it’s hard to keep people interested in the same thing year after year. We really needed a new twist for next year’s camp.”

Indeed, sources at CBS are optimistic about the show’s potential to blend teenage soap opera plotlines with “Behind the Music” drama while maintaining the unbelievable feats of endurance that have defined the Survivor reality series.


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